Adult Group Tennis Lessons

Adult Group Tennis Lessons

Adult Group Coaching

Our adult programs are a wonderful platform to meet like minded enthusiasts of all playing levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to pick up the game or a competitive player.

The adult program consists of;

  • Novice Group: Catering to adults who would like to learn the basics, technique and movement building up to point play.
  • Beginner Group: Catering to adults who have only played a minimal amount of tennis and wish to learn more about technique, positioning on court, and the basics of match-play (mostly doubles).
  • Intermediate Group: Catering to adults who want to learn more about playing points in singles & doubles matches, with an added focus on technique refinement.
  • Advanced Group: Catering to adults with competitive experience who want to take their games to the next level. Classes will focus on game psychology, tactics, and point dynamics.
  • Ladies Tennis Groups:
    • Technique Class: Focus on the technique for all strokes and implementing the new improved skill into point play.
    • Doubles Expert: Focus is to improve the participants’ doubles play through drills and match-play.

Fees for Adult Group Tennis Coaching Classes are $22.50 per person per hour.

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