Junior Group Tennis Lessons

Junior Group Tennis Lessons

Junior Group Coaching

Junior group coaching has 4 stages so the individual’s development is progressive and enriching.

Pee Wee (Ages 3-4) 60 minute sessions $22.50/hr
Grippers (Ages 4-7) 60 minute sessions $22.50/hr
Hitters (Ages 7-11) 60 minute sessions $22.50/hr
Players (Ages 12-14) 60 minute sessions $22.50/hr
Junior (Ages 15-17) 60 minute sessions $22.50/hr


Please note: Additional classes for other age brackets will be provided according to demand.

TAG firmly believes in class sizes of no more than 6 for Juniors, to maximize the benefits of group learning, without compromising individual attention.

Our Juniors Enjoy

  • Professional coaching delivered by certified coaches with decades of coaching and competitive experience.
  • A fun group environment where students learn and improve together.
  • Each term’s coaching will conclude with a competitive games based approach to practice. This helps foster a fun atmosphere but also a competitive edge to the games.
  • A report on their progress and where they stand in the developmental matrix.
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